Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 Trend: Nude Wedding Cakes with Fresh Flowers

We have been following the 2015 wedding trends very closely and there is one trend that we have become obsessed with.  The trend of using fresh flowers on nude wedding cakes, it has us licking our lips for more. Everyone loves cake, but let's be honest the more fondant we were using to make a cake, the less all of us were enjoying it. Fondant has given us the ability to create some of the most beautiful cakes around, but most of the time it just doesn't taste that good.  The latest trend of using fresh flowers on a "nude" cake takes fondant out of the picture and opens up a whole new way to think about cake.  First off when I say "nude" cake this is what I mean:
 A  bunch of layers of cake and filling almost frosting free. In some cases frosting is lightly spread across the outside of the cake and sometimes they skip it altogether.  You can play with the flavors of the filling and the types of cake to change up  the colors and taste.  You start with this bare palette and add some flowers to spice up the cake and give it a special feel. Couples are using everything from roses to succulents and each cake that we find looks more tasty than the last. Here  are some examples that we feel in love with:

So beautiful and so tasty, the options are endless.

~Blumz by JRDesigns

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