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Planning a Wedding: Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Blumz, we love questions; they help us understand your needs and concerns and allow us the opportunity to explain our products, services and policies. Many times, we have not had the pleasure of meeting you and getting to know you prior to our first consultation. It’s through these questions that you will feel comfortable with us and confident in our commitment to excellence.

Below are listed some questions most frequently asked by brides. We hope this will answer some of your questions, too. Additional questions may be directed to us at or call us at 248-398-5130 or 313-964-5777. We will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns with you.

When should the flowers be ordered?
Four to six months before your wedding and after you have chosen your bridesmaids' dresses is usually the best rule of thumb. The color of the bridesmaid dresses typically influences the overall color scheme of the wedding. If your wedding date falls on or near a major floral holiday such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, then you should probably order sooner as this will allow us ample time to staff sufficiently for both the holiday and your event.

I don’t really know a lot about flowers… does that matter?
None what so ever! If you already knew everything about flowers, you probably wouldn’t need us. Surf our web site to get familiar with things that we have done for others. Then make an appointment to meet with one of our wedding consultants. During the consultation, we will discuss flower availability, floral challenges, solutions and expectations, and design. We want you to feel confident and comfortable with all your decisions, and we want to help you make your special day beautiful and memorable. It is a good thing to remember that certain types of flowers may or may not be available due to season, weather, and other factors. These will be discussed during the consultation so that you will have a clearer understanding as well as allow you a better opportunity to make the right decisions.

Can Blumz… by JRDesigns also help us with other decorative rental items?
Absolutely, our wedding consultants can show you all the wonderful options. Blumz  has many items such as trellises, arches, candelabras, pedestals, rises, cake plateaus, gift/money holders, plants, chair covers and sashes, runners, lighting and much, much more. Give us the opportunity to show you all the possibilities.

Are all flowers available year round?
While many flowers are available throughout the year, there are those that bloom during specific
seasons. Peonies, heather, tulips and lily of the valley are seasonal in availability and while they may be available out of season from other countries, prices may be prohibitive. Other flowers, such as roses, fujis, gerbera daisies, and alstroemeria are readily available yearlong. Our wedding consultants are knowledgeable concerning which flowers are most readily available during specific times of the year.

How do I know which florist to select as my wedding florist?
Treat the consultation as a job interview where you are the one looking to feel a position. Listen to all the answers of the consultant. Ask for referrals and surf the internet for references to the business. The best rule of thumb is to find a professional that you feel comfortable with. One that you feel understands your “vision” and desires and listens to your needs. A florist that brings much experience and knowledge to the table and is willing to work with you as it apply to your budget, design style and personal tastes. When you find that florist, then you will feel more confident and willing to trust them with your most special event.

Can I see a sample of my arrangements?
Yes, we do samples however, depending upon the complexity of the design and the flowers selected there may be an additional fee. Simply ask, and we can make a recommendation.

When will the flowers be delivered?
Blumz delivery personnel will deliver wedding flowers when and where needed. We can deliver to your home, church and reception. Bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres can be delivered to the ceremony site along with the service decorations. Typically, he flowers arrive at least one – two hours prior to the ceremony, depending upon the desires of the bride. Do you need the bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres delivered to an off-site for preliminary photographs? No problem, we can do that, too. Flowers for the reception will be delivered to the hall or club as necessary depending upon hall restrictions and necessary set up time required.

What are your guarantees for flower availability, freshness and substitutions?
During the consultation process, our wedding consultants will inform you of the flower choices that will be available to you at the time of your wedding. They will also direct you as to possible substitutions when those flowers desired are not readily available. The consultant will also inform you as to the limitations certain flowers have as it applies to durability, longevity and suitability for the designs you have selected and the time requirements. When your arrangements are prepared, our design professionals use only the freshest, best quality flowers available to us. If a substitution becomes necessary for any reason, we will select flowers of equal or greater value and in the case of specifically requested flowers, we will communicate with the bride. We have many varieties of flowers at all times from which to choose a substitute. You will always get a flower that is comparable to your original selection and complementary to your arrangement.

How do the flowers stay fresh? Will they last all day?
We are frequently asked these questions. Based on the types of arrangements you choose, we advise you how to care for your particular selections as well as give you general flower care information. For example, a hand tied bouquet should rest in a water source, like a glass or a vase, when you are not carrying it. When you receive your flowers, it is best to handle them as little as possible before the ceremony. Flowers are delicate and naturally sensitive to bruises and temperature extremes. It is best to not expose your flowers to extreme temperatures. At 40 degrees or less, flowers can become damaged and discolored when they are returned to a warmer temperature. The opposite extreme can be just as damaging. Scheduling a ceremony and or photographs early in the day may require a second bouquet for the reception, as certain flowers will simply not hold up due to their delicate nature. Wearing coats over corsages or boutonnieres will crush them. It is best to transport your flowers in the container in which they are delivered. A little care and common sense will insure that your wedding flowers stay as beautiful all day as possible.

How do I make an appointment to meet with a Blumz Weddding Representative?
Easy. Simply e-mail us at , go to our wedding consultation request form, fill it out and send it in, or call us at 248-398-5130 or 313-964-5777. We will schedule a time, date and location that is convenient for you. The average appointment takes about 1-1/2 hours. There is no fee for the consultation.

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