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10 Great Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

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Weddings are getting more and more expensive every year, this is causing a lot of brides to cut back on their dream wedding.  We don't think that you should have to sacrifice your dreams for the budget, so we came up with a few great hacks to help you stretch your funds to make your wedding a dream come true.

1- Have your wedding in off peak season-
November, and January through March are the best times too book a lower cost wedding. Plan your wedding during these months and you will automatically get more bang for your buck.

2- Hold your wedding and reception in the same spot- 
There is less to buy, less travel, and some places may even cut you a discount for renting the space out for the entire day.

3- Buy flowers that are in season- 
If you buy flowers that are out of season it could be up to triple the regular cost. Talk to you florist and find out what is is season before you design your centerpieces, bouquets, body flowers and other floral arrangements.

4- Don't serve a main course-
Skip the main course and serve cocktails, appetizers, and dessert instead. Make sure your guests know that you won't be serving a full dinner but there will still be lots of tasty treats to snack on throughout the evening.

5- Use fresh flowers on the cake instead of sugary ones-
You can use seasonal flowers that match your theme to decorate the cake instead of sugary ones, this will save you lots of money and look beautiful!

6- Give out one favor per couple instead of one favor per person- 
Give a going away gift to each couple instead of each person, make it something that they both will enjoy and they won't even realize that you cut the cost of favors in half!

7- Serve special cocktails-
Come up with a few special cocktails for the night and list the choices with ingredients at the bar for the guests. Then, you can purchase what you need in bulk instead of having to stock a full bar.

8- Email your save the date cards-
These days everyone is on the internet, even grandma. Save a lot of money on your invitations by sending the save the date digitally instead of through snail mail.

9- Take advantage of talented friends and family-
Do you have a friend who loves to DJ, maybe an uncle whose great at taking pictures? Ask them if they would be willing to help you out as a wedding gift!

10- Talk to people who already got married-
Ask friends and family who recently got hitched what they did to save money. Ask them if there was anything that they would have done differently and learn from their mistakes and triumphs!

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