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Simple But Great Summer Wedding Ideas for 2016 From The Huffington Post


Summer is undoubtedly one of the most popular seasons for weddings because you have a lot of options in terms of locations, decorations, flower options, etc. You have the freedom to make unique, fun and colorful choices. Winter weddings on the other hand, only give you a restricted palette.

It is not surprising then, that couples opt to have a summer wedding where they can let their ideas run free. The problem is that there are lots of ideas that come to mind when you want to have a tasteful, memorable and the simple summer wedding. How do you sort them out?

Luckily, I have have compiled some simple yet great summer wedding ideas that you can use for making your wedding a spectacular event:

1. Think about an outdoor dance floor


One of the most attractive elements of a summer wedding is that you can be outside. Just think how romantic it would be to dance under the stars with your husband. You can have your wedding dinner inside, but opt for a dance floor outside underneath the open sky. This gives your wedding a rustic look.

2. Hang twinkle lights

Do you want your wedding setting to have a touch of drama? Small wedding lights are the way to go as they are elegant and give your wedding a fancy touch for a very small price. Who doesn’t want that?

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3. Choose bright colors for your bridesmaids’ dresses


Your bridesmaids are going to have a notable role in your wedding and you can dress them in bright and beautiful colors when you are having a summer wedding. Don’t worry, no one is going to outshine you. Think of the great pictures you will get.

4. Add ice-cream to the menu


Serving cold ice cream is a wonderful way to bring an end to a summer wedding. Most people think that this is an impossible task, but you can hire local food trucks, which specialize in ice cream and desserts.

This is definitely going to make your guests super happy as it provides a nice relief from all the heat.

5. Think about the dock as your wedding location


If you say your “I do” on a pier or dock, you are going to break romance records because nothing can top that. Getting married on a dock is a super chic and rustic idea and you can find plenty of rustic retreats or lakeside cabins that can do the trick for you.

6. Have your ceremony in the backyard


Sure, your wedding is going to be your most special day so why don’t you have it somewhere that means something to you? Exotic locations are luxurious, but go to someplace that’s closer to your heart like your backyard. If you go with a backyard wedding, you have the option of making them as casual or elegant as you like. You can ask guests to dress up or down, depending on your preference and how you want to keep it.

7. Host your wedding ceremony at a summer camp


Who doesn’t love the idea of saying their vows at a summer camp? We spend our happiest and fun days there so they serve as a very good location. You can easily find a summer camp that’s close to you or you can also get in touch with your own summer camp to see if they are willing to let you host your wedding ceremony there.

8. Light up the sky with sky lanterns


Are you after a romantic and beautiful wedding? Sky lanterns can help you in getting exactly that. When you are having your wedding under the open sky, you can release sky lanterns and let them float. This would photograph really well and would definitely be a memorable moment.

9. A bike can also be a photo opportunity

Bikes can be a super cute and practical photo prop for your wedding. This would work great for an outdoor wedding and you can look back at your pictures and laugh later on.

10. Get married outside at night

A night ceremony is only out of the question during the winter, but it can be a pretty great idea in the summer. This would be the perfect time to organize an evening ceremony. You can hang lights from the trees and get married surrounded by nature.

11. Have a wedding sparkler send-off


Everyone thinks about making an entrance, but what about your exit? Don’t you want that to be different and great? Of course you do! This is your day and you can make it as special as you want to. A wedding day sparkler send-off is an excellent way to cap off the event. They don’t just engage guests, but also give your photographer a great opportunity for capturing some beautiful and fun moments.

12. Exit in a fun car

When you are having a summer wedding, why not make your exit in a cool getaway car? You can get a jeep, if possible, or opt for other cool cars that appeal to you.

13. Do a picnic-table setup


You don’t have to get married in the park if you want to have a picnic table setup for your wedding dinner. Any kind of rustic wedding would just be perfect with picnic tables, which are the best combination of simplicity and romantic.

14. Take a boat ride

Anyone who has watched The Notebook knows exactly how romantic it is to take a boat ride together. Once you have said your vows and been pronounced husband and wife, you can take a short boat ride as Mr. and Mrs. Wouldn’t that be epic?

15. Mix and match your color scheme

Wedding colors are a great way to add some color and fun to your wedding. You can create a one-of-a-kind wedding look by mixing and matching vibrant and eye-catching colors according to your liking. You have the controls so no one can stop you.

Toby Nwazor

-Huffington Post

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