Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Few Great Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day Unique

Some couple's take the traditional route when they are planning their weddings and some couples try to shake things up. Here a few unique ideas for the couple who wants to try to do something different on their big day! 

1- Serve pre-ceremony cocktails-  Invite your guest to have cocktails before the fun starts, it's a great way to get everyone to show up on time and ready to party.  This is especially easy to do when your ceremony and your reception are in the same space.  Just come up with a special cocktail that represents you as a couple and have them passed out before the wedding even starts.  Everyone has a lot more fun when they have loosened up a bit, so why wait till the reception?

2- Create a D.I.Y flower station- We recently saw this idea presented on The Knot and it blew our minds.  Couples have been setting up flower stations at their wedding receptions where guests can stop and create their own corsage or boutonniere to wear for the evening.  It's easy to do, just order flowers and pick up some ribbon and pins, and creativity will do the rest!   Everyone will enjoy making their own body flowers and it will make your wedding an extra special night to remember.

3- Have pizza delivered at the end of the night-  Traditionally, the meal is served right at the beginning of the reception. But, sometimes guests end up drinking and dancing so much that they are hungry again before the party is even over. Instead of making them leave to get their late night fix, have some pizza delivered a half hour before the end of the night.  They will appreciate the end of the night snack and leave with a full belly!

4- Change your dress after the ceremony- Most women dream about wearing their wedding dresses but don't realize how confining they will be. After a few hours the corseting and layers can get heavy and are usually hard to dance in.  Think about changing into a more party friendly dress after the ceremony to give yourself some room to move around and have fun. Plus, what lady doesn't want two dresses? We say, why not three!

5- Buy wedding favors that will make for memorable pictures-  You would be surprised how much fun a group of adults can have with a few props.  Think funny glasses, a mask, or funny hats. Your guests will love taking pictures with  gag gifts and posting them online. A few selfies with grandma wearing a sticky mustache, yes please!

6- Choose a Hashtag for guests to use so that you can look up all the pictures that they took after the wedding- A hastag is a searchable link on social media.  You can come up with your own hashtag for the night and post it around the wedding. Ask guests to tag their photos when they post them, then you can look up the photos after the party and see all the things that you missed.  This is a great way to get your hands on all the photos from the wedding without bothering people or waiting for the photographers shots!

There is no right or wrong way to plan your wedding. A good wedding planner will work with you and make sure that your ceremony is special.  Just make sure that your wedding is true to you as a couple and most of all, that it is a fun night that you can remember for years to come!

~Blumz by JRDesigns

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