Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The 2015 Floral Wedding Trends

Flowers have long been used for celebrations, to mark special occasions,  to celebrate a new life and happiness.  So, it's no surprise that they are a prominent feature at a wedding. In fact for some brides, picking out the flowers can be as important as picking out the dress and the ring. We are calling this years most popular flowers the "Golden Girls'.  This includes peonies, hydrangeas, garden roses, ranunculus, and dahlias.

 They are, to use a southern phrase "bodacious, voluptuous, full figured, and lovely".  Big, round, fluffy, full flowers like the Golden Girls are romantic and lush.  They can be casual or upscale depending on how you present them. When they are displayed within a silver, crystal, or mercury glass they take on an upscale and elegant look.  When they are mixed with finer textured accent flowers and presented in white-washed terracotta, delft blue, or hobnail white glass they take on a more casual yet still refined appearance. Just keep in mind, just like Blanche Devereaux these ladies enjoy their cool beverages! To maintain their fullness the designs should be in containers that have a sufficient water source or they will "get the vapors" and wilt.

We also continue to see a resurgence of the once maligned baby's breath.  While its presence is still seen in the typical role of an accent flower, it is also talking the role of the main flower in a beautifully simple mono-floral style bouquet.

We have also been going gaga for greenery. For the longest time foliage was just a material that was used to hide the mechanics and to fill in the space around the flowers.  It was seen as a second rate material that should just fade into the background. Thankfully, this is finally changing! Foliage is taking on a more prominent role in the floral designs that are being featured at weddings. Herbs, ivy, smilax, and magnolia are also gaining popularity.  A more botanical aesthetic is becoming popular as the former trends of mason jars and burlap morph into something a little more refined while keeping the earth tones that have become so popular.


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