Friday, June 5, 2015

Vote for Blumz: Vote 4 the Best

Blumz by JRDesigns is the best. We are good at what we do and we are proud of it. We strive to bring our customers the best flowers, the best designs, and the best service.  We are proud to have two stores in Metro Detroit (Ferndale and Detroit) and we are honored to be part of the surrounding communities.  We are also proud of all the awards we have gotten throughout the years, but we wouldn't mind winning a few more!

 That's why we wanted to remind all of you to vote for Blumz to win Click on Detroits Best Florist award this year. You can visit the Best of Detroit website here to vote.  Their website is also mobile friendly so you can even click on the link and vote right form your phone.

You can vote once a day though August 2nd, so feel free to log on and help us out everyday until then. Winners will be announced on August 10th, we will let you know if we take home the prize, but we will definitely need your help to do it.  Please take a second, give us a vote, and then share this with your friends!

Blumz By JRDesigns

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Blumz "It's All Coming Up Roses" Contest in Celebration of National Rose Month!

Did you know that June is National Rose Month?  In fact, the rose was named our national flower in 1986. Roses are used to celebrate, morn, memorialize, and to decorate.  There are 150 known species of roses, which means that they come in a lot of different colors, styles and shapes. 

To celebrate National Rose Month Blumz by JRDesigns wanted to do something extra special this year. We will be giving away a dozen roses every day during the month of June!  That's right, we will be giving out one dozen roses all thirty days of the month.  To enter to win please email your full name to We  will be randomly picking out a winner everyday of the month, that winner will be able to come into one of our stores (Detroit or Ferndale) to pick up their roses when they win. You only need to enter once (we will keep your name in the hat until you win or until the end of the month) and you can only win once!

Make sure you are following us on InstagramTwitterFacebook, andPintrest. We will be posting lots of rose facts, giveaways, pictures, and much more throughout the month. We will also be running some really great specials throughout the month including a buy one dozen red roses and get a second dozen for free promotion on June 12th, which is National Red Rose Day.

If you would like to send out roses to celebrate National Rose Month you can also head over to to visit our 24 hour a day online store. We can deliver roses anywhere you need us to. We promise their is nothing like sending roses to make someone else smile, so lets celebrate National Rose Month and create a lot of smiles this June!

~Blumz by JRDesigns

Create Your Own Hashtag to Get Access to all the Best Pictures from Your Wedding

Hastags  are one of the coolest and most confusing trends on the internet today. Everyone is using hashtags but a lot of people don't understand why they are using them. For those of you that don't know, a hashtag is a word preceded by the pound key, as in #blumz.  When you use a hashtag when you are posting on social media you create something that can be searched. For instance , have you ever clicked on a hashtag on Instagram?  If you do, you will see every picture that was ever posted using that hashtag. We suggest trying #whitehouse as your first search. It is fun to see how many different people take pictures in front of the historic home on a daily basis. Hashtags can also be very useful if you use them in the right way. For instance, you can create your own hashtag and have access to every picture that anyone ever posts using that hashtag. In fact, hashtags can become very useful if you are planning your wedding and you want to make sure that you capture as many candid shots as possible.

Sure, your going to hire a photographer and you will see a lot of the pictures that get posted on Facebook when someone tags you but a unique hashtag created for your wedding is the best way to get access to all of the pictures that are taken on your wedding day. We even have a few handy tricks to make sure that you save all the pictures before they get lost on the internet. Here are some tips and tricks to help your create and utilize a unique hashtag at your wedding.

1- The first thing that you need to do is come up with a unique hashtag to use for your wedding.  A lot of people try to come up with clever ways to incorporate the bride and grooms names, the date of the wedding, or the location of the wedding. It can be something as simple as #ryanandstacy2015, just make sure that its unique enough that people aren't already using it very often.  If you are having a hard time coming up with a good hashtag, head over and use the Wedding Wires Hashtag Generator, this app will help you figure out something special to use on the big day! 

2- Your guests need to know that you are using a special hashtag, and there are a few ways to makes sure that they are in the loop. First of all, you can send that information in the wedding invitation if you plan it out a little in advance.  You can also post it around the wedding.  We suggest making a flier promoting the hashtag and putting copies of it into frames throughout the reception.  Some people have used chalkboards, or even put little cards at each table. It doesn't matter how you tell your guest just make sure that they know! 

3-After the wedding you can use the hashtag on all forms of social media to search for photos but there is one more important step that most people forget, you need to make sure that you store and save all the photos that you find! You can download all the photos of Facebook and upload all the Instagram photos to your Dropbox. it doesn't really matter how you save them just make sure that you save everything as soon as possible. You will be able to see what everyone was up to all night and have a unique look at your wedding from everyone else's perspective.

4- The last step is printing the photos.  I know its old school to have hard copies of pictures, but in this case it is totally appropriate.  You can create a one of a kind unique photo album that truly captures the day before you ever get a single picture from your photographer.

~Blumz by JRDesigns